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Dog days of Brexit summer !

Article 50 has not yet been triggered, we are still part of the EU, and the Bank of England has flooded the banks with cash. So business has actually picked up, both exports and domestic.

Imports are more expensive but a lot of companies seem to be absorbing the increases at the moment, particularly if they still have pre Brexit stock. No business wants to tell it’s customers that prices are going up so like many businesses we are putting up prices where we can and holding prices where we are mid contract.

I am surprised at the number of suppliers that have switched to invoice finance, which they would only do if they are short of cash. It’s an expensive way of borrowing money and will leave them vulnerable in a downturn.

So when will article 50 be triggered ? I dont know !
Does the government have a plan for what to do after article 50 is triggered ? Not that I have seen so far.
What is the long term economic outlook ? Uncertain.