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Copper price steady at £ 4.71 / kg as stocks fall further to 135 kT

I can understand stocks continuing to fall as the global economy recovers but I cannot understand why the price of copper is no rising.

In a supply / demand economy the price of copper should be increasing with falling stocks, which are close now to the lowest they have been in the last decade. Dealers must have the opinion that either demand will drop off or that supply will increase.

However, the risk from copper prices not tracking stocks is that when the market does react it will over react and push the price of copper into a higher than necessary peak, with subsequent disruption to markets.

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Price of copper jumps to £4.68 / kg as stocks fall to 162 kT

The price of copper has jumped from £4.55 / kg to £ 4.68 / kg over the last week as stocks fell from 190 kT to 162 kT.

This may be due to supply issues but more likely has been caused by an upturn in the global economy as the USA and China edge towards a trade agreement.

Whether the price of copper will stabalise depends on how quickly copper suppliers can respond. If they are sitting on stocks then they could ship them to the LME warehouses relatively quickly. However, the producers may also sit tight and pocket the profit from a market that has turned from demand driven to supply driven.

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BRM Saloon (Historic Touring Cars)

Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club

BRM Saloon (Historic Touring Cars)

Sponsored by Copper Braid Products Ltd

August 2019 – after months of expectation a real buzz existed in the clubroom of the Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club as everyone had a new 1/24th scale BRM historic touring car model to race and enjoy – all enabled by the generosity of our long term club sponsor Copper Braid Products Ltd.

Our sponsor had both funded a magnificent trophy to be awarded at the end of the racing series and contributed toward the cost of the new car that every club member was now lucky enough to own, enjoy and race.

All of the slot cars were manufactured by BRM and were complete models in every detail of the real racing cars that pounded the race tracks of Europe back in the 1970’s…..but these models were built to race ….not to stand silent on a shelf and collect dust.

BRM cars on grid

Friday night – August 16th 2019 and after all the discussion about which car to choose – Ford Escort ?.. Mini  ? ..NSU TT ?.. Fiat Abarth ? ..Renault ?… at last racing would happen and some winners be declared.

Heat 1 – the cars all look and sound fantastic racing around the track – Ted Martin wins with 2 Mini’s close behind – his best lap of 9.0 seconds sets the first lap record in this class.

BRM racing heat 1

Heat 2 sees Escorts first and second – this time with Geoff Taylor and Pete Crane driving – while the Renault of Phil Clayton and Mini of Paul Minnis give spirited chase – but none come close to the time set  by Ted Martin in heat 1.

Heat 3 – Barry Friess is the holder of the outright lap record at Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club (7.1 seconds !) and is well known for being an expert tuner of Mini slot cars – so it was no surprise that he both won this heat and set a new lap record of 8.9 seconds during a great dice with an Escort beautifully driven by Mike Guy.

Heat 4 – Geoff Taylor and Pete Crane driving identical red and gold Escorts race together swapping places – but neither is quick enough because…..

Heat 5 – Ted Martin unleashed his fearsome flying Fiat – perfectly set up and well run in – Ted pilots it to perfection setting a new 8.6 second lap record on the way to being the first driver to record over 20 laps in a heat.

Heat 6 – Phil Clayton driving a Renault Gordini and Pete Wright driving a Mini Cooper S enjoy a good panel bashing dice together – but the formation flying of the red and gold Escort team of Pete Crane and Geoff Taylor sees them hold on for another win.

Heat 7 – the best race of the evening – Barry Friess driving his Mini Cooper S, Mike Guy his Escort, Pete Wright his Mini and Ted Martin back with his Escort – all lead the race at one time or another – Ted just takes the win by inches.

BRM results heat 7

Heat 8 – Paul Minnis has his Mini Cooper working well and looks set for the heat win until a small off allows Pete Crane to sneak through with Phil Clayton and Geoff Taylor squabbling over 3rd place.

Everyone agrees that the racing has been really enjoyable and that the new class is already a big hit…… good looking cars that drive well and are all evenly matched equals great racing and a good night out at the Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club.

Ted Martin is a key member of the Hawthorne Park slot car club and was instrumental in bringing this new class to life – so it seems fitting that he ends up winning the first round of racing – well done Ted.

BRM trophy sponsored by Copper Braid Products

The magnificent Copper Braid Products Trophy will be awarded at the end of the series – Ted Martin presently in the lead.

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We are on the move ……

We recently purchased an industrial unit at 76 Forth Street, Liverpool L20 8JW. This unit is double the size of our existing units which provides us space for expansion and optimised work flow to reduce our lead times,

The unit is being refurbished and modified to suit our requirements. We expect to move during July and will phase the move to minimise disruption to our customers.

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Webshop International shipping

We have withdrawn our international shipping option for web orders until the outcome of Brexit becomes clear.

Please contact us directly for international orders so that we can advise you of the latest situation and provide a personal quotation for you.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to reinstate this function as soon as possible.