Pipe and Valve Bonding

Copper braid products supplies a comprehensive range of pipe bonds and valve bonds for earthing applications including earth bonds that fit across flanges using the flange bolts as attachments to achieve a flange bond.

These are made from round tinned copper braid, 6 sq mm to 16 sq mm, with or without insulation.

We can also make them with 10 mm2 Tri-rated green / yellow cable for the bonds as a pre-insulated alternative to copper braid..

We can supply special lugs for attaching to flange bolts. Standard sizes include M16, M20, M26, M32 and M40. Larger diameters are available on request. The tags are made of Brass to EN1652-CW508L-H095.

These earth bonds can either be supplied already made up or we can supply a kit including everything you need to make up the bonds on site including, copper braid or tri-rated cable, lugs and crimp tooling.

Contact 0151 548 7040 for more information or email: sales@copperbraid.co.uk.