Flat Copper Braid
Flexible Copper Braid Busbars
Round Flexible Copper Braid
Earth bonds
Copper Braid Earth Straps
Copper Braid Shunt
Flat Super Flexible Copper Braid
Pipe and valve bonds
Copper earth bonds
Shielding braid with nylon former
Busbar braids supplied to Enfield Power Station.
Copper braid connectors for connecting transformer to busduct at Enfield power station.
75 mm2 copper braid busbar
Round copper braid earth bonds
Copper Rope Braid
Flat copper earth straps
1600 mm2 copper braid busbar
Flat Copper Braid
Braided busbar connector with 90 degree bend designed and manufactured for CERN.
Flexible Copper Busbars
Flat Copper Braid

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Copper Braid Products uses the finest quality materials to ensure consistent quality and performance and we are ISO9001:2008 accredited and approved to RGS GM/RT 2450 for the supply of safety critical components to the rail industry.

What is copper braid?

Wikipedia has the following definition:

In electrical and electronic cables, braid is a tubular sheath made of braided strands of metal placed around a central cable for shielding against electromagnetic interference. The braid is grounded while the central conductor(s) carry the signal. (Shielding braids)

Flat braids made of many copper wires are also sometimes used for flexible electrical connections between large components. The numerous smaller wires comprising the braid are much more resistant to breaking under repeated motion and vibration than is a cable of larger wires.

Copper braid is made from weaving together strands of copper wire. The flexibility of the braid is determined by the diameter of the copper wire. The smaller the wire the greater the flexibility and the larger the volume occupied by the braid and the more expensive the braid becomes. Our standard sizes are 0.2, 0.1 and 0.05 mm dia although other sizes are available on request.

Flexibility is also determined by the type of weave. Flat braids are flexible in two axis, Round braids are flexible in 3 axis. Rope braids are even more flexible than round braids, but also more expensive. An explanation of the construction of a copper braid is on our Products page.

We have a guide for current ratings for different sizes of copper braid at an ambient temperature of 35 deg C and working temperature of 70 deg C. If you have a hotter (or colder) ambient temperature we can calculate the implications for current carrying capacity and potential de-rating.

Our range of copper braid products includes flat flexible braid, round braids, knitted copper mesh, tubular shielding braids, flexible busbar connectors, earthing leads and straps, transformer braids and even slot-car braids.

We supply our copper braids to the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also export to Europe, including Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Lithuania. We export worldwide including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and Brazil.

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