Oxygen Free Copper Braid

Oxygen Free Copper Braid - Round
Oxygen Free Copper Braid – Round

Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper is widely used in cryogenics and other heat transfer applications in scientific, industrial and medical processes.

Our customers include the Accelerator Science and Technology Centre, Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington – Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge – Imperial College, London – Sussex Univeristy, Brighton – Cardiff Univeristy, Wales  – CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain – Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, California – University of British Columbia, Canada, University of St.Andrews, Scotland.

Oxygen free copper, also known in Europe as Cu-OF or CW008A to EN13601.

Composition: Copper 99.95 % min.

Hardness: B30 – 40

Conductivity: 101 %

Tensile strength: 25 – 40 Ksi

In simple terms the thermal conductivity of pure copper is about 400 watts per meter kelvin. This means that a plate of copper with area A and thickness L whose faces are kept at a constant relative temperature difference of deltaT Kelvin will conduct heat at a rate of 400.A/L.deltaT joules per second.

Source Anthony Yeh, Ph.D student in Optoelectronics

We hold 0.071 mm dia oxygen free copper wire in stock and make braid using this wire to order. Please contact us for more information.

Nominal area  
Size approx
11.5 mm dia – rope
1.272.5 mm dia – tube
1.455×0.5 Flat
24×1 Flat
5 3.2 mm dia – Rope
610×1.5 Flat
64 mm dia – Tube
85 mm dia- tube
8 5 mm dia- rope
1014×1.5 Flat
10 5 mm dia- tube
1616×1.5 Flat
16 5 mm dia- tube
2525×2.5 FlatThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 075688-3d-glossy-blue-orb-icon-business-basket.png
25 8 mm dia- tube
35 10 mm dia- tube
5035×3 Flat
Oxygen free copper braid in stock