Copper Rope Braid

Copper Rope Braid
Copper Rope Braid

Our copper rope braids are available with plain, tinned, nickel-plated or silver-plated surfaces, depending on your application.

Our round, stranded copper rope braids stand out by being highly twist-free and having a compact cutting surface, which is important for your problem-free further processing. Our round copper rope can be woven with a left or right hand twist. All our copper braids are RoHS compliant.

Round, stranded copper flexibles are used in welding and power equipment for electrical components such as switches and thyristors as well as to conduct welding current (welding tools, robots and lines).

Our online shop has these braids available from stock in tinned copper. For POA (Price On Application) items and lengths longer than 25 metres or plain copper versions please contact us for a specific quotation.

Rope braid  made from Cu-ETP copper wire
Nominal area   (mm²) Diameter approx (mm) Wire diameter (mm) Shop
2.5   2.3 0.20
16   6.5 0.10
25   8.2 0.10
35 10.0 0.10
50 11.8 0.10
70 12.0 0.10 POA
120 16.0 0.20